Camp Richardson

July 9-11, 2020  &  July 13-14, 2020

Who needs video games and TV? When you can have the experience of a lifetime watching Bible stories that come to life, making friends with children from across the county, learning new skills and engaging in great adventures.  Camp Richardson is a five-day program where many of the benefits of Camp Richardson will be seen in your local churches. The program includes fun field trips, worship, games, Bible study, fellowship, crafts, sharing and prayer. This camp is geared to children that have completed kindergarten through sixth grade, traditionally ages 5-12.  But can include preschool and/or older youth when special arrangements are made to do so.  Camp will be staffed by YPD Directors from across the 11th District.

With background checks being vetted through “Protecting My Ministry”, delegates, alternates and observers can attend the General Conference Business Sessions with ease knowing their camper are being nurtured and cared for in a safe environment.

This camp will help kids unplug and build friendships

In a distracting digital world, camp offers valuable space where kids can slow down, connect and focus. Away from the pressures, labels and social structure of school, one of the best parts of Camp Richardson is the opportunity for kids to make new friends.

This camp will nurture social skills

Camp is a community away from home kids learn to work with each other and adult mentors, build relationships and manage conflict. You learn to navigate through group dynamics, to barter, to keep one another happy, to be sensitive and support a friend  who may be sad.  These skills transfer and build adults with strong character and leadership skills.  Strongly consider enrolling your child in our camp.  They will never be the same!

General Information

Download a copy of the the camp’s general information by clicking here.

Camp Dates

July 9-11, 2020  &  July 13-14, 2020

Camp Hours

Regular Drop-Off   8:30-9:00 A.M.
Regular Pick-Up     5:00 -6:00 P.M.
*If no one has picked up your child by 6:00 pm we will contact all persons listed as emergency contacts.

AME Camp Discovery Fees

$200.00 1st child ages 5-12, $175.00 for each additional child ages 5-12.
*After 4/30/2020 Registration will be $225.00/child.  Lunch, activities, trips and snacks are included in the registration fee.  Registration will take place on July 7th and 8th at the TBD.


Lunch: All campers will be served lunch at a designated time.

Snack: Campers are provided with one daily snack that includes a beverage.

*No child is to leave the premises to purchase food. Please do not send outside food unless your child has medical or dietary needs.

Daily Medication

If your child has medication that MUST be taken during camp hours, please place all medicines in its original container in a Ziploc bag clearly labeled. In addition, you must meet with the camp nurse to explain all medical needs prior to leaving your child on the 1st day. Instructions should include storage and administration. Additionally, staff must be aware of what the medication is for.

Behavior Expectations

The rules of acceptable behavior will be reviewed each day with campers. We want this to be a memorable experience and therefore certain behaviors will not be tolerated. Disrespectful behavior, foul or hurtful language or violence of any kind will not be tolerated. Parents and/or guardians will be contacted if behaviors are persistent.

What To Bring

A cheerful attitude
Reusable water bottle
Close-toed shoes
Comfortable clothes
Extra snack
Bag and/or back pack to take home activities Change of clothes (K-2nd)

What Not To Bring

Valuable items
Cell Phones
Electronic devices Flip-flops