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We welcome vendors to register for the 2020 AME General Conference.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.  Please use the form below to both register and pay for a booth(s) during the conference.

If you prefer to download the registration form and mail/fax it to us please use this link to do so:
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General Conference 2020 Mall – Vendor Application

The Fastest Way to Register and Pay
Please specify the quantity of booth(s) and choose from the dropdown menu at the end of this form to pay for said booth(s).

General Conference 2020 Mall - Vendor Agreement

1. Booth Assignments: To secure booth space, a completed application, signed contract, and payment must be received no later than April 5, 2020. Booth locations will be assigned and further information concerning shipping, housing for the General Conference will be sent upon receipt of completed forms and payment in full. Booth assignments will be made in the order that contracts are received. Phone reservations will be accepted to hold a booth, payment must be received within 10 business days; otherwise reservations will be automatically cancelled without further notice. The organizers reserve the right to change location assignments at any time and without notice to the individual vendee.
2. Booths: A standard booth package includes one 6' draped table, back and side wall draping, identification sign, two chairs, and waste paper basket. The booths are 10' x 10' unless otherwise indicated. In order to receive a booth assignment, the full amount is required to be paid prior to taking possession of the space. If a Vendor plans to install a completely constructed display of such a nature that the Vendor will not require or desire the use of standard booth equipment, no part thereof shall so project as to obstruct the view of adjacent booths. Booth side dividers of a height in excess of 36’’ must not extend further than three feet out from the back wall. Booth walls must not exceed eight (8) feet in height. Island exhibits must not include a back wall that blocks visibility of neighboring booths. Any deviations from the aforementioned must be submitted in writing at the time of the application submission and must receive written approval by Eleventh Episcopal District AME. All deviations from the above must obtain written approval in advance. Audio Visual aids and/or equipment may not be played at a level that would interfere with adjacent exhibitors.
3. Payment and Cancellation: Each vendor booth costs $1,000.00 for AME Candidates and for Vendors. An assessment of $1,500.00 will be charged for a location in one of the Premium spaces. Full payment for the space must accompany the application and signed agreement. Proof of eligibility for Candidates should accompany application before space is assigned. Vendors may cancel this agreement by written notice to the organizers. Cancellations made prior to April 5, 2020 will be refunded subject to a 25% (of contract value) cancellation fee. No refunds will be made if booth space remains unsold. No refunds will be made on cancellations made on April 20, 2020 or later.
4. Use of Space: No vendor shall permit any other vendor or its representatives to use the space allotted in this contract nor shall any display articles not manufactured or sold normally by the contracted vendor. Requests for joint booth usage by any other vendor or its representatives in space assigned to the original applicant must be made in writing to Vendor Management. If permission is granted by Vendor Management, there will be an additional charge of $200.00 per day for each additional participant for the run of the General Conference. Vendors shall not sublet booths or assign this lease in whole or in part without the prior consent of the organizers.
5. Limitation and Liability: The vendor shall indemnify the AME Church against all claims, demands, actions, expenses, damages, penalties, or proceedings arising out of or in any way connected with the exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the exhibition premises or any part thereof. Vendors will be required to meet the cost of making good any damage to floors, walls, structures, and accessories.
6. Security and Insurance: The organizers will take reasonable care to ensure security in the vendor area. The AME Church will not be liable for damage or loss to vendor’s property, nor shall they be liable for any injury that may occur in the GENERAL CONFERENCE 2020 MALL areas. All vendors are required to have liability insurance in the amount of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) and the Eleventh Episcopal District AME Church shall be named as a third party beneficiary. Said copy of declaration shall be submitted before access to mall area is granted.
7. Protection of the Facility: Nothing shall be posted on or tacked, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors, or other parts of the hotel, conference or convention hall vendor area without permission from proper building authority and Vendor Management. Packing, unpacking, and assembly of exhibits shall be done only in designated areas and in conformity with directions of the Vendor Manager, the convention center management, or their assistants.
8. Installation and Dismantling: The specific requirements as to time for installation and dismantling of exhibits shall be supplied to each vendor. Such requirements shall be binding. All displays must be in place and set up by the time of the official opening of the show. Space not occupied or set up by that time may be reassigned for other purposes. No exhibits shall be dismantled before the official show closing on July 15, 2020.
9. Default Occupancy: The Vendor Management shall have the right to use defaulted spaces as it sees fit to eliminate empty space in the exhibit hall, provided such booth space is not occupied by 6:00 PM on the day of the official show opening.
10. Food: No food, beverage or novelties may be brought into the facility or sold or passed out, this includes gum, candy, water, etc.
11. Music: The playing of live or pre-recorded music in your booth may require an individual licensing agreement signed by a representative of your company with BMI, ASCAP (musical licensing associations) or both. Call either association to check on your liability. Vendor agrees to pay when due, all royalties, fees or other charges owed and agrees to hold AMEC harmless against any and all claims or charges related to music licensing.
12. Volume: Any vendor producing sound at a volume that is objectionable to other vendors will be asked by the Vendor Management to lower the volume. If this cannot be done to the satisfaction of all, sound production will have to cease.
13. Conference Cancellation: Should a contingency prevent the holding of the AMEC General Conference, the AMEC will not be held liable for any expense incurred by the exhibitor; however, exhibit space fees will be refunded.
14. Agreement to Conditions: Each vendor for himself and his employees agrees to abide by these conditions, it being understood and agreed that the sole control of the exhibit hall rests with the Exhibition Management.
15. Amendments: The organizers shall have sole authority to interpret and enforce all rules and regulations contained herein, and to make any amendments thereto and to make such further rules and regulations as shall be necessary for the orderly conduct of the exhibition.
16. Independent Contractors: Nothing contained herein established any contractual relationship between Vendor and Eleventh Episcopal District AME other than what is stated and contemplated in this agreement. The acknowledging of this agreement and the submission of payment does not establish any type of partnership or legal relationship other than what is specifically stated in said agreement. Vendors are independent contractors and Eleventh Episcopal District AME shall not be responsible for the payment of any Federal, State or Local Taxes that may be associated or attributable and the responsibility of the individual Vendor. By checking the "I have read and agree to vendor agreement" box and submitting your online application, you agree that the vendor contract shall be binding to the applicant and concessions. Any false information given will result in cancellation of this agreement.
By checking the "I have read and agree to vendor agreement" box and submitting your online application, you agree that the vendor contract shall be binding to the applicant and concessions. Any false information given will result in cancellation of this agreement.
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